The natural treatments are designed to restore the balance of the body (homeostasis) and establish the root cause of a patient’s illness. Treatments can stimulate the patient’s body to regain a healthy balance  nutritionally, physically and emotionally in addition to  increasing energy and vitality.

Paula the Alternative & Complementary Medicine Practitioner who is an accredited Naturopath and trained in Naturopathic Medicine will advise and inform you on a healthy lifestyle and teach you about your own body whilst allowing you to reclaim responsibility for your own health. Paula will support you with your individual needs and ensure that there is understanding of what is happening at all stages of your treatment.


All Consultations:

55 minutes- Counselling Service
60 minutes- Alternative & Complementary Medicine Consultation

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Typical Treatments

The treatments that are offered, along with many other scientifically proven techniques are able to support you if you are suffering with either acute or chronic disorders.



Stress Management


Emotional Wellbeing


Herbal Medicine


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