Women’s Health

Offering health solutions and support to women

Simply Health Clinic offers a level of support to women, which is designed to help educate and get to the root of their female related health issues. It maybe the case that you have a received a diagnosis such as fibroids from a gynecologist and have been advised to have a hysterectomy or to take medication. You may not feel comfortable with what has been suggested and feel you would like to explore options.

In most situations there are other options available and our Natural Health and Wellbeing Practitioner Paula will guide you through those options in order to achieve the most beneficial treatment plan for you. It is important to know that natural medicine and conventional medicine are not mutually exclusive and the use of integrated medicine can very much be a part of a women’s treatment plan depending on her health problems. However, a large proportion of women that have been treated at the clinic have experienced significant changes with the use of natural medicine, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes without having to experience any invasive treatment.

The Simply Health Clinic approach to treating and supporting women is to not only get to the root of your health concern but also to educate and empower you in order to avoid the same issues reoccurring. A vital part of female health is taking control and understanding what is happening with your body and in order to do that questions need to be asked and answered to achieve the right outcome for an individual and to avoid any pressured and reactive decisions being made.



Irregular Periods


Unknown Infertility

Painful Periods

Pre-Menstrual Tension

Breast Health

Absent Periods

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Heavy Periods

Weight Management

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