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What happens when you attend a consultation at Simply Health Clinic?

The Natural Health and Wellbeing Practitioner will examine all aspects of your lifestyle that maybe adversely affecting you. You will be asked detailed questions about any current health issues, past medical history, eating habits, allergies or sensitivities and lifestyle issues. Stress level, biochemical, structural and emotional aspects will be discussed or examined and strategies to reduce problem areas explored.

If you are currently under the supervision of a General Practitioner or any other healthcare professional, as a Naturopathic physician the door is always open to work collaboratively with such professionals in order to achieve the best possible result for a patient’s health care.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Patients will need to complete a Systems Health Check Form which will give the Naturopathic physician an insight into their general health status.

If any medication or supplements are being taken it would be helpful if these could be brought to the consultation.

What treatments do we offer?

Once your initial consultation has been completed we can tailor make a course of treatments suitable for your condition. Treatments include Stress Management, nutritional and dietary support, massage, bodywork, hydroptherapy, detoxification methods as well as many other natural solutions.

What treatment can do for you?

  • Find the root cause of a patient’s illness.

  • Stimulate the patient’s body to regain a healthy balance.

  • Increase energy and vitality.

  • Advise and inform patients on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Teach patients about their own body

  • Allow patients to reclaim responsibility of their own health and support them with understanding what is happening.

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