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For a Counselling Service  click here, a Clinical Hypnotherapy Service click here and Naturopathy (Alternative & Complementary Medicine) Service click here. All these services are available to support the “whole” that is you.

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Monday  Friday 9:30am-6:00pm
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Healthcare support is offered for a number of health conditions.

Whether you are having challenges with your mental and emotional health, dealing with long-term health conditions or just want to improve your health on a day to day basis support is available for all here at Simply Health Clinic through the Counselling Service click here , a Naturopathy (Alternative & Complementary Medicine) Service click here or both. For Clinical Hypnotherapy Service click here

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About Us

At the Simply Health Clinic UK a range of healthcare services are offered of which there are two main services. The first is a  Counselling service and the second is a Natural Healthcare service. The counselling service can support you with your mental and emotional health struggles using an integrative approach. This consists of Psychodynamic Therapy (allowing you to talk about how you feel and your emotions) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (supports the ability to change unwanted behaviours).

The Natural Healthcare service uses Naturopathy more widely referred to as  Alternative and Complementary medicine. The treatments address the physical aspects of health and gets to the root cause of many long-term health conditions such as poor sleep quality, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances amongst many other health issues. Following an assessment for Naturopathy and the healthcare involved  the Physical, Nutritional and Emotional aspects of your  health will be examined and  a treatment plan will be devised to help you regain balance and start functioning at your optimum again.

Simply Health Clinic UK promises to offer a range of Counselling and Natural Healthcare Services to suit your own personal needs.

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