Musculoskeletal Health

Physical Problems Now Affect Most Office Workers

Today, 80% of office workers experience some sort of chronic physical problem (including neck, mid and lower back pain) and in most cases the main contributing factor is postural tension from sitting at desks, on chairs, in cars and in other sedentary places.

Most people’s response to their pain is either to rest, take pain killers, get a massage or get some physiotherapy, but these methods tend to address only the symptoms and are thus unlikely to solve the problem.

Without properly understanding and undoing the underlying postural stresses, most people will probably carry the consequences around for the rest of their lives. This is why at Simply health clinic not only do offer support for relaxing rebalancing treatments such as holistic massage and reiki therapy, we also can offer you a full postural assessment if requested to help you understand more about what is happening with your posture and the root of any imbalance that is shown.

Would you like a postural assessment or treatments regarding your posture?

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